About the Author

Welcome! My name is Cat Denison and I thank you for visiting my website. I presently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. but have lived in several different states during my lifetime. All of these different venues have provided me with insight to the many interesting and varied philosophies that permeate this land.

I look forward to providing you with many hours of reading pleasure. My first book, Simply Soaring was published in 2007, and now I’m pleased to introduce you to the first in a series of stories about a multifaceted woman named ‘Sam’ who invites you to join her on her many adventures on land and on the ocean. Sam has one very rare gift, a gift that allows her to envision people and events in dreams that are not always readily translated in ‘real life’.

This first tale will give you a close-up look of young Sam Murphy, and carry you along with her as she becomes a woman and learns to stay true to herself, even when it sometimes isn’t what she perceives others might want her to be. With Sam as the main character, we also meet Kenny Callahan, who leaves his hellhole of a home life to work his way out west with three of his brothers, leaving a trail of robberies behind them, working their way towards that brass ring waiting at the end of the ride. Harry Metcalf rounds out the trio of characters as he enters the scene as a once happy, smiling young cop who has turned into a ‘Lone Wolf’.

The paths of these three characters – cop, criminal, and free spirit – converge in an explosive and tragic encounter that changes all of their lives – permanently.