About Deadly Destination

My book, Deadly Destination, will introduce you to Sam Murphy, an adventuresome young woman with a special gift that sometimes gets her into trouble but sometimes…

Deadly Destination

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Book Excerpts

“… I grabbed a baseball bat and went at him with all the fury I could muster in my ten-year-old body…and did some serious damage before they pried my fingers off that…very bloody bat handle.”

“When I arrive at her house that Saturday morning, an obviously traumatized Sally hugs me for a very long time. When she’s finally able to let go, Sally takes me to her room so she can have a private chat with her best friend – her friend who saved her from God-knows-what terrors the day before.”

“As they [Sam’s parents] rose to leave, Father O’Brien scratched his balding head and shared with my folks that every set of parents who came to him always thought their kids were so different from other people’s kids. His many years in the white collar had taught him that kids are pretty much the same, but each one always has at least one little quirk that made him or her unique. All their parents really had to do was accept them as they are and love them just that way.”